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Smish's TTT Anarchy Punishment Appeal

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Punished by:

Plaid Daddy

Reason for the punishment:

RDM, or atleast accidental RDM

Why should your punishment be revoked?


I honestly do not remember RDM'ing someone and if I did I'm sorry. I have been trying to keep myself as clean as possible and have been following the rules as close as possible. Will admit I am not the perfect player but RDM is not my thing.


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  • Smish changed the title to Smish's TTT Anarchy Punishment Appeal

I was viewing the death scene the day before yesterday, in the death scene it showed you facing someone in the door way and you fired a couple shots at the doorframe, the player didn't react but someone came up behind you and shot at them, and at the same time you fired, and the damage logs said you had killed them.


I wasn't sure if it was a moment of "I'm gonna miss, miss then kill em" or if the guy firing behind you startled you and made you accidently shoot at the other guy that last time, because the shot the guy behind you fired and your last one were very close together.


I looked at your record and see you don't have any other warns for RDM, so I am willing to drop the warn from you and chalk this up as some kind of mistake, as long as you keep in mind not to do things like firing at doors, walls or items close to players again.


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