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Kessler's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: 104th VS CPT Kessler

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61611675

Reason: MRDM

Admin: Astro

Why this should be revoked:

Banned me for 1 week for mrdm for 2 kills. I explained that the third kill was accidental crossfire during the event. I was stuck and called for an admin with no response, Astro says that I never called for an admin but whatever. The first two kills aside, the third wasnt an rdm, therefore my actual rdm kill count was 2 not 3, thus not mrdm. He had originally warned me for failRP, when my friend ReLard had tried to plead my case saying that it didn't warrant a warn, he decided to ban me instead. Obviously he didn't like ReLard questioning his decisions. Either way, I didn't MRDM so I think my punishment should be lowered back to a warn. 

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I back tracked before ReLard starting having serious issues and arguing isn't pleaing. Also according to logs, which I screenshotted then, you killed 4 people . 3 when getting "unstuck" even though I checked personally, you didn't spawn in the platform nor where you anywhere close to it. Not only that, 2 out of the 3 were AFK. I was willing to forgive on the crossfire, though personally it didn't look like crossfire, but you killed 3 AFKs. This situation isn't any different than a CT coming down to the recruit room and having a massacre.


Coming to "calling an admin", you hadn't called an admin. I checked logs once again and hadn't seen anywhere that included an admin message. How're you going to call for help if you hadn't in the first place.


screenshots below + positional screenshots.








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