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Klordix's General Mute/Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why were you banned?: Transphobia?


Why should you be unbanned?

The Video/image i sent i thought it wasn't transphobic or didn't meat the criteria of being transphobic. I dont know if it was the joke by saying "i just want my son back" From the possibly father of the image or if it was the "trap attire" said by the father. I didn't see any harassment or any homophobic/transphobic messages in the image so thats why i sent it. If there was any sort of transphobia it wasn't clear enough for me so i didn't see any problem of posting it.


professional retard

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You may have seen me sitting in this thread a bit.


I can't tell you about discussions behind the scenes.  What I will tell you is that I am not involved on the decision on this.  I just posted something because I didn't want the appearance of me looking at your thread and then ignoring it.  I did not ignore it.


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The reason you were muted is because the meme is considered transphobic.


1. The meme showed blatant misgendering, which is kind of a sign for transphobia. You can't just misgender as it is really offensive to them. 

2. The meme has also showed a slur, "trap", which is pretty offensive to them. It doesn't mean you aren't allowed to use the word, it means you can't use the word targeted towards to them, such as "Hey, this person is in a [censored] stage, be careful", or "Hey take a look at this [censored] person", "Hey, you're just [censored]". I am censoring the word trap in this case because it is highly offensive and I do not want to offend folks as it's not my intention. 


So with that said, be careful with what you're posting for a meme, because your next punishment is a permanent mute.


Appeal denied, wait out for 3 days and please be considerate. 




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