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the overlord

the overlord's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: the bloodlord


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561199109556426


Banned by: alpha owl


Ban Reason: mass rdm


Why should you be unbanned


i did not mean to throw that incindery nade i will not do it again


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Hey man. I really enjoy your presence on the server, and would even prefer if you got a reduction or weren't banned at all. However, I do think that we have to get some things clear firstly if you want to have a good time on the server without breaking any of the rules in the future:

  • Discombobs. Biggest complaint. This is our current ruling on the situation from our MOTD: "KOSable (Kill On Sight): Throwing incendiary grenades or discombobulators at or near players." You tend to throw a lot of discombobulators as an innocent, and regardless about how and where you throw it, it can end up damaging someone by even the *tiniest* of health through fall damage. Discombobulators also tend to hit through walls, which may lead to a person's death unknowingly, and thus would be considered to have been thrown near a player. The main idea is that you get called KOS for throwing these grenades for the sake of fun or are reported for it. It's why it's highly avoided for innocents to be throwing discombobulators. Just because you're detective, does not also mean you should be exempt of this rule. Now I understand that most of these instances have occured with a specific player, to which we'll hopefully contact soon about it. But to get to the point, just don't throw discombobulators at all. Since this also ties in with the incendiary ban, you should pretty much avoid throwing incins as well.
  • Attempting to message people whilst dead. Attempts through !p or @ to communicate any information about the game whilst dead to an alive player is considered ghosting. This includes mentioning who traitors might be, where players might be, or how long someone may be to name a few examples. There are different ways to communicate without ghosting information, but it's too hard for us to explain nor recommend. Now it's fine to contact someone who's also dead as well, but not when the other player is alive. We've told you to avoid doing this at all costs, but you've done this for quite a few instances. Please do not make attempts to do so just for the sake of simplicity, otherwise we may have to ban you for ghosting.

At the time of writing this, I believe this mostly covers the two big issues we've had with you over the time you've spent playing here. I enjoy playing with you, and I hope you don't take this too personally. But you have to learn to stop doing this stuff because it's wrong. We've giving you a lot of warnings and leniency lately, and you seem to disregard the information we provide. Thus I'm firm in believing the ban should stay. However, I do also believe that it can be shortened as well. But this is the only way you're gonna have to learn in that case. 


The result of this appeal will be up to either our Senior Admins or our SM, but please consider what I stated here and keep it in mind when playing the game once the ban either expires or is appealed.

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Posted  Edited by KeiraJJ

Appeal Denied.

You were warned many times verbally and via GFLbans not to throw discombobulators and Incendiaries; You said you wouldn't do it after being warned and still continued to do it afterwards, therefore I can't believe you that you won't continue If I unban you now.


I recommend learning from this ban and to not break our rules again.

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