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Krucial's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

Mass RDM

Why should your punishment be revoked?


Before the C4 was planted

Due to the fact that I was an innocent at the time of planting the C4, it goes that without saying that I got the C4 by killing an evil role.

On Dolls, there's a section in the vents that leads onto a outlook spanning a majority of the open map minus the vents that circulate around it.

At that said location, I managed to kill a traitor who killed an innocent in front of me, and attempted to kill the detective (which I saved) therefore making me proven.

That person then dropped the C4, which I claimed in chat as my claimed t-weapon and said I was proven with the backing of the detective who proceeded to plant a HS and heal up.


Assumptions I made about planting the C4

Setting it to 10 minutes (maximum time) would mean that the C4 wouldn't go off before the round had ended and that when it did, it would only kill people in the end-round not making it RDM.

If there was overtime and I was presumptively alive as I was backed up with a decent amount of proven innos and an alive detective, I could simply defuse the C4 if it's about to blast.

Planting the C4 in the open would mean it's clearly visible and give the pragmatic that it's not planted for mal-intent by the overall calmness of the people around it.

Me being a proven innocent would dissuade people from attempting to defuse it especially with the backing up of confirmed innocent roles.

Claiming my C4 and announcing that I'm planting it for 10 minutes would be a final warning and a declaration that the C4 is not to be defused, as it's not planted with the intention of killing people.


How the C4 was detonated

If all my assumptions were correct, then I wouldn't be writing this appeal.

Long and behold, as I had exited the vent where the C4 was placed to look around for potential UNID bodies and presumably returning in a timely fashion, I seemed to have left the C4 'unguarded'.

An innocent attempted to defuse the C4, which resulted in 4 people being blown up as they cut the wrong wire.

I was not around at the time and didn't even know someone was attempting to defuse it until I got the hitmarkers and heard the explosion that foretold that my C4 had detonated and unfortunately killed several people.


Why my ban should be revoked

The intention that I had planted the C4 in the hopes of RDMing people is wrong, I merely planted the C4 as a joke and perhaps to share a few laughs and because as an innocent role, I was bored and had nothing better to do.  The MOTD does state that the RDM has to be intentional ,of which it wasn't and was purely accidental. 


And the mass RDM was in no way intentional to disrupt gameplay for others, as I thought that the terrace area would be largely deserted bar from myself and the detective who was healing at the time.



I wasn't the person who defused/detonated the C4 in the first place prematurely, it was the ignorance of a fellow innocent who failed to read the chat and promptly decided to go against my wishes in defusing the C4 which I believe should offer up some dual responsibility.


I do acknowledge that it probably was a stupid idea to plant a C4 and probably won't again at least as an innocent without the intention of destroying it, but I don't believe that it was solely my actions that led towards the mass RDM of 4+ people. 


Thanks for reading 🙂






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Hello Krucial! I have decided to appeal your ban.


In the eyes of the rules the fault still largely falls on you, as you acknowledged you still planted a C4 as an innocent. Yeah, it's obviously stupid for an innocent to attempt to defuse a 10 minute C4 but the responsibility still falls on you as an innocent for planting it. I understand that it was a joke and you probably will not do it again however, so I still want to appeal and give you a chance as you're generally pretty behaved compared to some regulars.


Regardless, you still planted a 10 minute c4 as an innocent intentionally. Let the time you served act as a bit of a slap on the wrist for you not to do it again. Ban appealed.

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