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Signature Art Request from PetrThaGr8

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Request type:




1200x300 or what works best.


Source image/render: 

Steam Community :: PetrThaGr8 


Text *(optional):

My roles. 3x Server manager Main Moderator Rust Moderator


Color scheme *(optional):

Whatever looks best is fine honestly





Additional information: 

Have fun, and take your time! Looking at the source expanding it may cause some issues so if it doesn't work out that's okay!

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I've been super busy as has the rest of the team due to end of semester school work, are you still interested in having this created, despite you not holding those roles currently? If so please let me know and we'll work on it without that text on there, or with whatever else you may want!

Director of Divisions and Physion Unturned Division Leader



xQc on GFL Surf 7/16/22



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