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Im not sure how much of this is already done in GFL, but is it possible to have a system in place where some1 reviews all the demos that leads to permabans?

First of all every permaban should have a demo attached if the banned player decide to fight it, thats just good practise. In another community ive been unbanned like 4 times because some1 qualified actually reviewes the demo.

If no1 reviews the demo I think it places too much trust in some admins. The quality of admins can vary greatly, and if an ignorant admin permabans a player and he decides not to fight the ban -  that player is gone from the community forever.

If a random player joins a GFL server and gets banned he prob doesnt know there is a way to even appeal it.

Ive been banned from an entire community because of poor admins, and a standard review process should at least decrease the probability of this happening.



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