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Got Karma Banned again :/

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Posted  Edited by Tony.L

Name: Tonyluna


Steam ID:  



Banned by: CONSOLE


Ban reason:   Karma too low


Why you should be unbanned:


I gotta Admit I rdmed a couple of times, my bad (A guy that shot his sniper from tower but he didn't shoot at anyone and I killed an Admin, didn't let him ID the body after he  killed some one)


I killed a guy that keisuke kosed (It was funny because the guy killed keisuke and didn't ID his body and ran away).

I also killed RDMERs, about 2 people killed AFKs.  and one Mass RDMER.

Killed a guy that pushed an AFK to the water.

I threw an incend at T room( AGAIN) and Brucie didn't give a fuck and he was just standing  there, next to the door.

About 2 or 3 Ts died by my C4 today.


So yeah, that's all.



Edited by Tony.L

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Be more careful, you have 6 bans now. I will unban this one last time but that is it.


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