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Klordix's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Klordix - Edit Reason: so people can read my stupid english



Steam Name(s): Klordix

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:8402158


Admin that banned you: Karma banned

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Karma banned


Why should you be unbanned?:


Uh i had over 1000 karma and i got rdmed the first seconds into the game and i joined DM and i killed "Havloskya Dimitri" in DM over and over again because he was afk most of the time and when the round was over i was banned for low karma. 




This is the stuff that is in my console after i got banned.  Hitchbrick was the  guy that rdmed me when i stood still


TTT:   Your Karma is 1069, so you deal full damage this round!
TTT:   A new round begins in 20 seconds. Prepare yourself.
Round state: 2
Welcome to ttt_minecraft. Enjoy you play.
Server default language is:    english
TTT:   The Traitors have been selected.
Round state: 3
TTT:   The round has begun!
The traitor room is now available!
[RDM Manager] You died! Open the report menu using the !report command.
You were killed by Hitchbrick, he was a INNOCENT.
[DM] You've died! Type !dm to enter deathmatch mode and keep killing!
TTT:   Hitchbrick found the body of Klordix. They were Innocent.
Havloskya Dimitri has joined the deathmatch!
TTT:   Lovelessvaccuum found the body of Hitchbrick. They were Innocent.
[GFL Member] Lovelessvaccuum: Hitchbrick rdmmed
TTT:   MR. CAT found the body of Havloskya Dimitri. They were Innocent.
Round state: 3
*DEAD* Hitchbrick: he shot me, so I took it to the next level xD
*DEAD* Hitchbrick: or, he hit me. my bad xD
TTT:   Cobalsh found the body of MR. CAT. They were Innocent.
TTT:   liridon252 found the body of DrAntonYaBish. They were Innocent.
gflbans: unblocking avatar of user 76561198116493771
| TTT  | You can donate by typing !donate in chat.
Spelare Lovelessvaccuum har lämnat spelet (Disconnect by user.)
gflbans: unblocking avatar of user 76561198079555422
[GFL Member] Undeniably Mysterious: I am Beyond Doubt! I might have weapons outside of my original access!
Spelare MR. CAT har lämnat spelet (Disconnect by user.)
gflbans: unblocking avatar of user 76561198139671405
TTT:   Cobalsh found the body of liridon252. They were Innocent.
Perez132 is answering to their reports.
Spelare danielnunezh08 har gått med i spelet
DrAntonYaBish has joined the deathmatch!
You were killed by Havloskya Dimitri, he was a INNOCENT.
Round state: 3
TTT:   The Traitors have been defeated!
Round state: 4
TTT:   Let's look at the round report for 10 seconds.
TTT:   88 round(s) or 52 minutes remaining before the map changes to TTT_MINECRAFT_B5.
[TTT Bets] Nobody placed any bets that round!
Usermessage Received BETTING_PointshopBettingNotice
Usermessage Received PSBetting_ResetBetTotal
Made by Finniespin. Visit http://conjointgaming.com/
Disconnect: [GFLBans] You are banned from this server. Go to bans.gflclan.com for more info. The ban will expire on Sat May  8 12:56:09 2021.

Reason: Karma too low.


Edited by Klordix
so people can read my stupid english

professional retard

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Only ban, unbanned.


If something like this happens again tho, try and get a screenshot of it so I can send it over to either Loke or another dev to take a look at.


Appeal accepted


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