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DarkRP event

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I feel as if some people need an explanation to how tonight's event went and how it should have gone 


Okay before I start Jarm the original host had an issue IRL that he had to take care of. So basically the host of the event was handed the wrong server once they had access to the actual (Which I am hoping to god was the wrong server) server they had found that the server had many, many, many issues which lead to the event being impossible to have one of the issues that affected the event the most were the permissions for the roles as the super admin didn't have access to things that the event needed as salad stated in this announcement= https://discord.com/channels/505196032687079434/666453297640767518/840742239893848124 = I would also like to state the fact that there is nobody and no one to blame for the event going down like this if anything it was a lack of communication and planning that led the event to go down the way it did


I think there still is perhaps a chance that the event will still be taking place so look out for that once I know that the server is in a playable and event ready 


I hope you're all able to understand the circumstances that led up to the event failing for further details contact me here - Drakovic#1010






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based and true, also thank you @Rick for trying to help me ily

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