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kimberly's Prophunt Mute/Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: McLovin

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:527805062

Reason for punishment: Scam/fraud

Admin: [CONSOLE]

Why the punishment show be revoked:

First of all: I'm deeply sorry.


The main reason why I should be unbanned is because absolutely nobody got hurt. I never actually committed fraud. I would say the people involved got confused and that's it.

Another reason, which may not mean as much to you, is that despite the stupid trouble I caused for the staff I was a loyal player. No Prop Hunt server could give me the same experience game-, people- and system-wise than GFL's does.

Keep in mind that my appeal's purpose is not to defend my actions, but to own up to them and express my remorse. I will assure you that me coming back asking for a second chance will never happen.





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