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Been interested in playing your guys Jailbreak and hanging around this community for awhile. I really admire what you guys have going on here, have been a part of the overall Jailbreak community for over a decade running several servers for various communities aswell as my own. You log onto any server like ZE or TTT, you know what you're going to get. If you picked at random a Jailbreak server from a hat- it's always going to be something different and that's what's awesome about the gamemode.


I will be named "The Friendly Terrorist" rather than All Ts on the server when I come around. I only have gotten away with it at other communities because my tenure there was so long that people would just know. Was a name I created way back into CS:S when rules didn't have to be several pages long and we all just vibed together without much worry. 


Attached: my dog Jameson : ) 


(if someone can move this, this subforum confused the fuck out of me lmao) 

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