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Grandayen's Graphics Request

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Discord Animated Logo






I'm looking to get a new discord logo for both the main CWRP discord along with a staff version. I'd like it to be consistent with the rest of GFL, as currently I believe our logo is the only one that isn't in theme. The one we currently use is a good base, although I'm not sure about the Republic logos on the inside. I'd also like you guys to have some creative freedom with it! My main thing is that it should match up with the rest of the GFL logos, and of course be clone wars themed. For the staff version, it can be exactly the same, but say 'staff' instead of 'CWRP' in the centre - maybe with inverted colours? Something that allows you to tell them apart. I hope this is enough information! My first time making a request, sorry if not!!!!!





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Posted  Edited by Clavers - Edit Reason: better images

Hey thanks for working with me @Grandayen hope you like these new ones that are more in line with the rest of GFL
I have also included the static logos below should you need/want them

EDIT:  removed old logos and replaced with the updated approved ones

1st 2 are 1.75x larger ships
2nd 2 are default size ships
3rd 2 are static







Edited by Clavers
better images

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