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Emoji of the Month July 2021

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Hello, GFL gamers! The Events team is hosting an “Emoji of the Month”, similar to Art of the Month.


What is Emoji of The Month?

Emoji of the month is a month long contest. Submit something that you think should be an emoji on one of our discords, limited to Main discord, GMod discord, TF2 discord, Rust discord, and the CSGO discord. These Emojis can be any image, whether you made it or just found something on google, thanks to Discord's “Custom Emojis”, as long as they don’t break any GFL rules.


How can you enter?

The Emoji of The Month event will be hosted here, on the GFL forums! You can enter by reading the prompt and submitting something that fits the prompt here. You will have until the 24th to submit something that fits the following Prompt, then the last week of the month (25th-31st) will be used for the public to vote on which emoji they think deserves to win. 


What are the prizes?

The winner will have their emoji put on an official discord of their choosing, limited too: 

  • Main Discord

  • GMod Discord

  • TF2 Discord

  • Rust Discord

  • CSGO Discord


The prompt for July’s Emoji of the Month is: MAD. Submit something you think seems “mad”. This can be anything from a duck with a knife to one of those “Delete This” memes in emoji form. Remember to give your emoji a title!



  1. Submissions MUST follow the prompt

  2. Submissions MUST follow all GFL Discord rules

  3. You MUST be Member+, apply here

  4. You MUST be in the main GFL discord and the discord you would want your emoji to be on, join the main discord here, then go to #gfl-discords to find any of the other discords.


Signature made by the awesome @Kaylode

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