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Introducing Models for Members and VIPs!

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We're happy to announce that we now have purchasable models on surf using in-game credits!

To view your current credits you can use !store or !credits


In addition to the below models we are now offering exclusive skins

which you can read more about here


Members will have access to the following skins:

- Grinch (red): 15,000 credits

- Rayman: 10,000 credits
- Master Chief: 20,000 credits
- Vegeta: 40,000 credits


Not a member? Apply here for free! 
(Applications are auto accepted as long as you don't have any bans)


VIP+ will have access to the following skins:

- Hitman: 10,000 credits
- Dr. Disrespect: 15,000 credits
- Foxy from FNaF: 20,000 credits
- Shrek: 30,000 credits
- Lara Croft: 50,000 credits


Donate for a VIP tier here!

Credits are passively accumulated as you play on our servers. Have fun surfing!


You can also trade/gift redeemed skins which will remove it from your account




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