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Exclusive Player Models - Info Thread

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Current Allocations Available: 4



In this thread, you will find general information on donating for and requesting an exclusive player model on the CS:GO Surf servers.


Players that donate $100 to GFL are entitled to a single exclusive player model on the surf servers! The player model is only able to be used by the donator, so you can pick something that represents you and stand out in a sea of generic plebs.


Requirements & Conditions

  • Player models must be ready to deploy on CS:GO servers. You can find player models on sites like GameBanana.
  • Player models must adhere to the GFL Surf rules.
  • Players must be active within a 6 month period to keep their model on the servers. If a player has not been active within a 6 month period, the model will be removed from the servers and the exclusive model pool to reduce the number of downloads. In the case the player rejoins, they may request their model be reinstated. If the model in question was claimed by someone else during this inactivity period, the player may request a new model.
  • Player models are to be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of the server managers. Models will typically be added to the servers 12-24 hours after approval. Donations will not be refunded if your desired model is rejected.


Pricing & Availability

  • This perk is available to players that make a one-time $100 donation. This price is subject to change between drops.
  • There are limited slots per month that can be purchased. You can find a count of total available allocations right at the top of this thread, and will be updated if slots are sold out or unavailable. Note: Drops and their dates are not guaranteed. If you donate $100 when no allocations are available, you are eligible for a claim in the next drop.
  • You may gift your exclusive model to someone, but you will need to make another $100 donation to claim another model if so.


Donation Instructions & How to Claim



  • Select the servers you are donating for. (For example, if you are donating for CS:GO Surf, select all the surf servers! This is purely for statistics, your VIP perks are global.)



  • Make sure to donate the required amount for the relevant perk, i.e, $100 for an exclusive model. Choose whatever package you would like - VIP tends to offer more perks, but Supporter lasts longer. 



  • After this is done, take a quick screenshot. Join the Surf Discord (https://gfl.gs/surfdiscord) and create a support ticket in the #support channel stating you would like to claim an exclusive player model. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Current List of Reserved Player Models


  • Siren Head *Admin model*
  • Billy - Jigsaw *Dini model*
  • Bloody Skeleton *Yuptodat model*
  • White Among Us *Infra model*
  • Tom - Tom&Jerry *FrenZy model*
  • Felix - Re:zero *First exclusive model*
  • Z3 - Abyss Front
  • Deadpool
  • 2B
  • Cortana
  • Hutao - Genshin Impact
  • Duke Nukem


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