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Event #237 + Notice -- "True Random Maps"

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Some of you may have noticed that the server has been offline since last weekend. This is because over the course of the week thanks to Aurora and Neon the server has been updated to be running the latest version of Sourcemod! What this means is that instead of degrading plugins every single time a new one comes out, and in some cases skip plugins entirely because they couldn't be downgraded to the ancient version of SM that our server was running, we can now use the same plugins that other servers may be using! Not to mention the nasty bugs that came around when CS:S was updated should be all patched up now.


Since I didn't know how long upgrading the server could possibly take I was indecisive about making an event post and put pressure on them, so my plan was to select the second most voted event from last weekend's vote, which was WarpedCakez' "True Random Maps" nomination and go with that if they finished updating the server before Saturday, as you may have guessed they have successfully updated the server and we should be fine to have an event now.


So what about the maps from last event?


Isengard was played for the whole 2 hours it was meant to be played, so the map will be put into regular event cooldown although a short one since admittedly it was full of bugs but still somewhat playable (2 events), the other maps (Tilex, Radiance and Oneiros) were unplayable from the start and because of this they will not be added to event cooldown should anyone want to nominate them next week.


Players who stuck around until Radiance (which was when the event was deemed unbeatable) will have V.I.P. rewards until this next event, and those who earned V.I.P. during the weekend before this one will have theirs extended as a compensation for a borked event. I apologize for the inconveniences if any.


Server back online thanks to Aurora and Neon, server has been updated, events are saved once again. Say thanks to them.

Event Overview:

Hello everyone! This week's event was been selected from the last week's voting thread given the circumstances mentioned in the Notice spoiler. Following into WarpedCakez' idea we'll be taking a look at a truly random set of maps. The random part about this event comes from the fact that Warped put all maps listed in our map list in a Random.org list and these were the top 4 maps selected! Warped has also thought of a couple special kickers to spice things up during the chill maps, but Meatropolis should also be a very fun one, seeing it hasn't been played in a while!

For this event we'll be playing:

Server IP:

  • steam://connect/

Time for the event:

  • Saturday July 10th @ 4:00PM CDT.
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.

Special Kickers:

  • Only normal stages on Meatropolis
  • pF settings with 900 ammo on Timesplitters
  • Rooftop will be played normally until beaten first, after this first win the map will be played on but admin aboose mode will be enabled (this means settings like Friction, Gravity, extreme failnades etc can be requested by the players)

VIP Rewards:

  • This'll be a long event, so we'll be rewarding winners of any two maps with one week of big V.I.P.
  • Winners of all maps will win two weeks of big V.I.P.
  • This event will be of mostly chill nature. Meatropolis should ideally be tryharded but minor off-topic chat can be had so long as it's not overly disruptive. Other maps in the event can be played in a chill manner.
  • Regular server rules will apply for this event as usual.
  • Sitting in spec unless you're a spectating admin is not allowed.
  • Each map will be played for 120 minutes. Any extra extends can be done through votes.
  • Any willing one.
See you on the weekend, and good luck!
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