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AwesomeYoshi's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: AwesomeYoshi


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:108830426


Banned by: No clue


Ban Reason: Mass RDM


Why should you be unbanned

To start, I didn't see a lot of traitor being killed in the TAB menu, so I was a bit scared there was a lot of traitors left still alive. Then JuicyBenny magically knows where I am without seeing me, so that made really suspicious and they were almost all standing together acknowledging the fact I was in that room. Some people came at with some T-weapons and came 1 by 1, so I killed them. They were also not killing each other and was trying to get me. I admit maybe 2-3 of those kill were at the heat of the moment and I overreacted. But I never intended to mass RDM. I just made some facts at moment and act upon those facts. But I still feel bad for those I did killed without a reason, just because they weren't attacking each other. Even though some people did openly use a c4 and T-weapons out in the open with people around them. 


If I am not forgiven and still banned. I am sorry that I act upon these actions and did have fun on the server while it lasted. I will reflect upon my actions and hopefully I won't do this again. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask me.

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Hi @AwesomeYoshi

When it comes to this case I have multiple witnesses as well as myself and the logs.

You were banned for your kills on JuicyBenny, Avi and your damage to Bluesky 
not for the kills on Nemesis, Seroja and Operator 
In the future you should also not camp in the same room for 6 rounds in a row and kill anyone to enters it.. 

You were on desperados camping in the room with a 1 way view, 
out of 5 of your kills in this room 2 of them were valid KOS kills as they were already firing upon you entering the building.
2 of these kills and 1 attempted you had no reason other than speculation and suspicion to kill them. 

Your reasoning that they were all seen around eachother would be a good enough reason to KOS them all if in fact the time they were together they were performing traitorous acts in view or had an active KOS (they did not)

You killed JuicyBenny for entering your room and standing over you which you then followed up by Killing Avi and firing at BlueSky for being in the same room. As blue sky left the area and Nemesis entered with a Jihad in hand you killed him (fair kill).

Seroja and Operator were actively trying to kill you so I understand those kills 

Good luck with your appeal 


Discord: Clavers#0001 | Steam: /id/ClaversGaming 

             GFX Team Leader & GFX Designer       


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Hello Yoshi, at the time of me writing this, your ban is now expired. Please make sure to not camp areas and to KOS accordingly to the rules instead of off suspicion. Hope to see you again on the server!

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