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TTT Rotation Player Reports **READ ME**

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Before you begin a player report, please try to reach an Admin first on Steam, GFL GMOD Discord, or through private message on the forums.


You will need strong evidence to support your report, such as screenshots, demos, videos, etc. Some of the best evidence comes in the forms of chat logs, player reports, or damage logs/deathscenes.

The admins will try their best to gather additional information regarding the report, but if you do not have any proof, please do not make a report. 


Typically reports should be on players for violating rules that would result in a 1w ban or more

Behavior to report includes Mass RDM, Targeting, Ghosting, Aimbot/Hacking, Advertising, Extreme Racism or Toxicity (mute/gag), and prohibited sprays

**Note, if a spray contains an illegal image, do not screen shot the image. Do not post the image on this forum. Contact an Admin immediately using the GMOD Discord linked above and gather as much information on the player as possible.


STEAM ID(s) can be found via scoreboard or copypasting a user's steamcommunity profile into SteamID website such as Steam ID Finder or SteamID.




All Steam games have the option to take screenshots using the F12 button on your keyboard. By pressing it, it will save a screenshot of your game and store it in your local screenshot library. To access it, go to View>Screenshots on your main Steam application. image.png.69eb19a272b7e1b9e42ad0786a791a44.png

To find a screenshot from Garry's Mod, go to the dropdown menu next to "Show" and scroll until you find "Garry's Mod". You can find the original images by clicking "Show On Disk" which will open a folder containing the in-game screenshots. You can then attach the images to your report as proof.





Similarly to videos, demos are a recording feature implemented into all Source Engine games, such as Garry's Mod. To record a demo, type "record <filename>" in console.


To stop the recording, type "stop" in console.


To review the demo, type "play <filename>" in console which will allow you to watch the demo in game. NOTE: To view the demo's voice chat, type "voice_loopback 1" in console while watching the demo. You can thus attach the demo to your report as proof.




Gameplay footage can be recorded via screen-capturing softwares, such as Fraps, OBS, Shadowplay, etc. The footage should provide evidence of the bannable actions occurring, or proof of the actions through chat messages, voice chat recordings, or deathscenes. The footage can also be uploaded to any video-sharing website, such as Youtube or Streamable (if small enough, it can be uploaded onto the forums here too). Make sure to attach the video onto your report as proof.




The chat logs are simply what you use to chat with players in the game. The default button is bound to "Y", and you can scroll very far into your chat messages to display the messages players have sent. This is useful for racism/toxicity/targeting/teaming/ghosting/advertising reports.



Player Reports:


Reports can be made by players on the server if they feel they were killed unprovokingly or without reason. To get the best screenshot of your reports, type "!report" in chat to display the reports you've made against people for the current and previous map (does not allow you to see the reports against you). Including these help show the behavior and attitude of the offender, which is good for racism/toxicity/targeting/teaming/ghosting/advertising reports.



Damage Logs/Deathscenes:


The damage logs are quintessential to finding out what happened to a player in game. To access them, press F8. image.png.a390d0380b89b916569063dd2bfc2618.png

This will give you access to the events of a round on a map (as well as the last round on the previous map). Basic information included is time, buying equipment, throwing grenades, KOS calls, or doing damage and killing someone. This can be toggled by the "Edit Filters" button.


To access a deathscene, go to a line where the "Type" is "Kill" in the damage logs.


This will allow you to watch a 5 second replay of someone dying in game, whether it be by someone killing them or killing themselves.


This feature is good to use for any mass RDM/targeting/ghosting/teaming/aimbot/hacking report.






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