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BetterKevin's General Mute/Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why were you banned?: Talking about the adding of Stickers to my Discord for general use since they (as far as I knew) were allowed on the server. I did not drop an invite or send invites to anyone, it was for internal use. If this was a loophole you guys were going to Perma ban someone on Discord for maybe it should have been disabled on the roles.


Why should you be unbanned?

As far as I am aware I did not do anything malicious or against any rules, staff was using stickers so I was under the impression they were allowed. Adding more stickers for myself and my other friends to use were not going to be nudes/lewds that were against the rules.


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When restrictions are placed on a channel by the mod team, let alone a Director, I think its pretty much common sense that trying to circumvent it is not the smartest idea. Additionally, encouraging people to do stuff like that and offering to facilitate this is a pretty obvious no-no, I don't think anyone disagrees when I say that the outcome of this is obvious.


I'll unban you, but keep you muted for 2 weeks.

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