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Sole Ipsis Steamid U:1:883304910

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He also likes to mic spam but I never uploaded report because he either stopped or got muted. If he's a double offender then he should get short ban as a big warning but that's just my opinion. Btw nicey add me back bro I want to talk to you mate.

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Posted  Edited by Niceypoo

This actually looks like his 2nd offense.  I see a ban back in Feb for this guy.  I don't see him currently being banned.


Different Steam Id, could be smurfin


Hide inactive | Total Bans: 1
MOD BA 02-22-21 18:34
Sole Ipsis
Loudog 1 wk (Expired)
Player Sole Ipsis
Steam ID STEAM_0:0:441652455
Steam3 ID [U:1:883304910]
Steam Community 76561198843570638
Edited by Niceypoo

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I don't see enough to confidently say he is using an aim assist/cheat, however I will agree he is scripting, if he is caught scripting again one of the admins will deal with him. 

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