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XLTeckDeck's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Spooky


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561199026601339


Banned by: Clavers


Ban Reason: Ghosting


Why should you be unbanned

I was playing some TTT rotation with two of my buddies the other night and we were messing around because it was one of my friend's first time playing TTT, we started playing in a new map and both my friends died. One of them went afk and the other was chatting with me. I was messing around to make them laugh so  I falsely Kos'ed a guy to be funny but it turned out the guy I falsely kos'ed was a T so i'm guessing it was just rdm , but the second time I did the same false kos, this time like 30 seconds after I called the kos they threw a Holy hand grenade a T only item so I finished them off.  And with the situation that both those kos'es were in the same round both my friends were dead (the admin checked my steam profile's friends list) and I coincidentally got two T's randomly really would look like ghosting. If anything I should've got the chance of explaining instead of getting banned in 3 minutes. I got a week's ban.  I have been a member since last Halloween and I haven't gotten a ban since December 12, 2020. I just ask to be unbanned

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Posted  Edited by Clavers

Hey Spooky
Thanks for putting in an appeal 
I've had absolutely no issues with you so far apart from this ban so its good to hear you're appealing it.

Here's what went down from mine and other players perspectives.

on ttt_christmastown one of your friends "stronge man" (76561199085650578) Killed Ellum and answered the report with "you killed my friend".
observing this report I watched the death cam and he was on the other side of the map to Ellum's victim. So I was already suspicious and saw he was friends with you and "Weak man" (

next map on ttt_desperados_gfl I was keeping a close eye on you 3 and it just so happened both of your friends were Ts but you were not. Both of them died fairly early while messing around with eachother.
During this round almost the entire lobby was running around holstered looking for the secret room I had placed in the map, even the 2 remaining Ts were delaying while trying to find it.
JuicyBenny tossed a Holy Hand Grenade while noone was watching then went back to holstered, Shortly after you KOSd him and everyone was asking why as he was walking around with a crowbar out the whole time, everyone was asking you why he was KOS but you never replied only with more KOS. Juicy was killed and seen as T, almost immediately maybe 10s you then KOSd lolfakename08 however you didnt use Traitor radio you had manually typed this KOS out because you said "KOS lolfakename" I know for a a fact lolfakename had not even fired a single shot or bought an item that round because he was so determined to find the secret room. Again people asked for you evidence and you replied with "He is a T". 

From the evidence of Stronge man's report and you managing to correctly KOS the 2 remaining Ts who both had not done anything or anything in sight of anyone I determined the 3 of you were either talking in a call or had an open chat with eachother. For this reasoning I banned all 3 of you.

Here are some screenshots attached below 

Good luck on your appeal Spooky







Edited by Clavers

Discord: Clavers#0001 | Steam: /id/ClaversGaming 

             GFX Team Leader & GFX Designer       


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Posted  Edited by XLTeckDeck

Hey Clavers thanks for the quick reply! Yeah I guess with both my friends being T's it would seem like I am ghosting lol.

But like I said, the kos on Lolfakename was me just being dumb in front of my friend which is kind of a douche move now that I think about it.

And the Kos on Juicy was the same reason but after that I heard the holy hand grenade from were he was at which I guess wasn't meant for a kos but a sus callout so that's on me too.

I do understand if it seems like I did ghost it really does, I get it and I respect you , you seem like a reasonable person. Get back to me as soon as you can!

Thank you

Edited by XLTeckDeck

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