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dashflame81's GMOD CWRP Suggestion

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Name: 501st LCPL ARC 2187 Harry

Type: Add another commando Unit?



I was wondering if there would ever be another Commando unit in the server. sorry if this doesn't really fit into a suggestion but i didnt know where else to ask, 
in all i would personally like another commando unit on the server but im not really too fussed if this gets denied

Why: i would like this as all commano slots are full and i really like commandos



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Don't know why you're tagging Rick for this; he's not the manager of the server anymore.


Anyway, we're not getting a new RC squad for the foreseeable future. RCs are already extremely strong and impactful with only four members, and adding more will turn this into a problem. If you want a more accessible alternative to RCs, try Alpha ARC.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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