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ItsNova's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: 212th SGT 5010 Nova

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110381702

Reason: mass RDM

Admin: @Dhipz

Why this should be revoked:

I don't have the best reasons why I should really be unbanned, because feeling like complete shit all the time isn't the best excuse for mass rdming, but if there is any way to reduce this ban, I would like to try my hardest for it. I know I will do better on the server and letting my anger out on others in the way I did isn't right in the slightest, but I know I will get better in time.


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Posted  Edited by Shuruia

Your appeal has already been reviewed by the server's management team, as stated in your other appeal thread:


As this current appeal (along with this one https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/76111-itsnovas-muteban-appeal-for-cwrp/) was posted at the same time with the exact same text, I'm going to close this under the assumption that this was simply a mistake.

Edited by Shuruia


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