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Events Team Overview

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Events Team Information:

Event Coordinators are responsible for leading and hosting events all across GFL!

Small scale events we host include karaoke nights, game nights, movie nights, OTM (Of The Month) contests, talent shows, server events, as well as larger events such as tournaments!

The Events team has also been known for the planning of intercommunity events with communities, such as HellsGamers and TW3. 

Prizes for these events are commonly a Forum badge, Main Discord role, and VIP, but sometimes we also give away games and cash prizes!

You can find all of our current Events on the GFL Calendar.  



Our Members:

Team Leaders

@Copium Queen - Danni#1783


Senior Event Coordinators

@flying4ssassin - Flying4ssassin#5732

@Business Kirby - Business Kirby#6049


Event Coordinators
@Lonely - !Lonely!#5970 (GMod Server Events)

@Alexis - Alexis#3456 (GMod Server Events)

@M3M3drag0n - DragonBoySan#1741 (Discord Events)

 @Random Noise- Random Noise#4521 (GMod Server Events, Discord Events)

@Plaid Daddy - PlaidDaddy#4240 (GMod Server Events, Discord Events)

@Frostydogs - Frostydogs#4578 (GMod Server Events, Discord Events)

@ColeCWRP - GooeySoldier3451#3451 (Discord Events with a focus on the CWRP Discord)

@AIexis - Alexis#9876 (TF2 Events)

@Aban - yahhboii#4277 (Discord Events)

@Bufo - Bufo#8400 (Gmod Server Events, Discord Events)


Note: The event types listed next to someone's name are the events they specialize in.



Team Positions:

This role allows you to handle creating new "Topic of the Week" discussions within our Main Discord. TOTW is a weeklong channel that poses a topic or question to be discussed by our members.

Discord Events
This role handles events that take place in any GFL Discord. With this role, you can host events in the Main, GMod, TF2, and CS:GO Discord servers (and others at the approval of DL/Manager). Discord events typically include things such as karaoke nights, Gartic Phone, movie nights, and more.

GMod Events
This role handles events within our GMod servers in coordination with relevant server staff. 

CS:GO Events
This role handles events within our CS:GO servers in coordination with relevant server staff. 


TF2 Events
This role handles events within our TF2 servers in coordination with relevant server staff. 



How You Can Get Involved:

Have an idea for a specific event? Click here to suggest!

Interested in joining the Events Team? Click here to apply! 


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