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Role Idea: The Chemist

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The Chemist would be a Neutral Evil  
they must be the last survivor to win, Starts with one credit
to aid them they would have their own shop with potions and they are as follows.  (the potions will be thrown like grenades)

The Turn Potion: Costs 1 credit, when thrown will make all people in it's range look in different directions.  
"need someone to stop looking at you? then throw a turn potion" can be used if in a pinch for evasion.

The Smoke Potion: Costs 2 credits,  when thrown releases a red mist which will dmg anyone in it. (dmg can be changed)
"Disclaimer: smoke tastes like grape medicine" great attack potion to disperse opponents

The Rumble Potion (might be the hardest to make): Costs 2-3,  when thrown two closest people will be forced into a circle and have to kill each other.
"Let them pick each other off" if only one person is thrown in then nothing happens.

The Well Potion: Costs 1 credit, when thrown pulls items toward it like a black hole and drops them in one location.|
"Find that C4, Steal that ammo" getting ammo into one location could be a blessing and a curse

The Cabbage potion: Costs 1 credit,  spawns a cabbage that will roll in the direction it was thrown.
This one is a joke don't use it

Long story short this role is to have a range of weapons to help it succeed and at least make it pretty far you might have to find a way to get more credits will be annoying but if needed you could change the prices to get those other potions would go great i hope you consider and thank you for reading

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Posted  Edited by Unaverage Joe

Credits are very sparse and there are many roles that are able to get it, and I fail to see how these potions can be useful when they are just based on grenades(discomb, incin, RDM Inducing, reverse discomb, prop possession).

If anything, making a neutral evil just by giving it an unique shop makes it looks like an inferior Serial Killer

Edited by Unaverage Joe

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