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Ember The Flareon

Massive list of role ideas from my own head

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BIG NOTE: I am personally attempting to figure out how to code these suggested roles, though it may take some time. Any help, advice, or opinions would be greatly appreciated!



The Poacher
"You've honed your hunting skills; Now to fight the most dangerous game of all."

~Traitor with a special menu of place-able traps like barnacles and bear traps, along with tranquilizer darts and a hunting rifle. 
~ Can restrict non-traitors by throwing a hunting net that can snag 1-3 players with a slowly recharging ability (similar to Imposter's kill key). If restrained, you must wait for another team mate to free you by pressing E on the net.

The Spider
"Does whatever a spider can....Kind of."

~Traitor that can climb flat surfaces (Akin to the Hidden's climb ability)
~Can obscure a dead body in webbing cocoon to prevent it from being searched. Webbing can be destroyed with fire, revealing the body inside.


The Elemental
"You have utilized your powerful mind to will yourself into ignoring some of the dangers around you."

~Traitor that can choose a damage type to be immune to. They can choose fall damage, explosions, fire, or melee.

The Butcher
"They say eating human flesh is taboo. They just haven't tried it with the right spices yet."

~Traitor that can chop up dead bodies into sandwich charges to feed themselves or other traitors. The Special Sandwich cannot be dropped and is lost upon death.




The Alchemist
Team: Innocent
"You didn't end up discovering transmutation, but might have found something more useful..."

~Innocent that brews random potions over time that can be used on themselves or thrown onto other players. They have a meter that fills as the potion is made, and once the meter is filled they may press a key to gain a random potion.
~Potions can range from healing, temporary immunities to fire or fall damage, player shrinking, temporary speed increases, or can even apply a weak level of body armor.

NOTE: Think a sandwich-jarate combo item, where one mouse button uses it on themselves and the other throws it. The splash range would be decreased from jarate, though perhaps the effect of it dripping off the player model could be used here, recolored depending on the potion type. 


The Shopkeep
Team: Innocent
"Profiting off of wartime has never been easier!"

~Special Innocent that cannot buy items themselves, despite generating and collecting credits. Instead, any credits they generate can be used by others. Another player can approach the Shopkeep and press a key activate a special store that sells a range of Detective items.

The Investigator
Team: Innocent
"There's a mysterious killer on the loose, and I will be the one to catch them!"

~Innocent that plays similarly to a player in the Murder gamemode. They can collect props or other weapons until they collect enough, at which point they will become a Detective with a revolver.

NOTE: A possible idea could be that they discover an evil player's role, though this could be a bit unfair. Perhaps to balance this they'd have to collect more props/weapons before that happens?



The Recruit
Team: Neutral
"It's too hard to pick a role myself. Why don't you pick for me?"

~Starts with no role and another player must press E on them to recruit them as a member of their own team. When another player attempts to recruit them, they can choose to make them a certain role within their team, similar to the Undecided.

NOTE: I'm torn between ideas for this. It could behave like a Pirate, where they join that team until the person that recruited them dies. Or, it could work like the Mimic and they just permanently join that team. 
Also cannot decide if the player that recruits them gets to pick or if the role is just a random role on their team.
It may be possible to leave some of this up to the server operators if a system akin to Jester's win states are used.

The Costumer
Team: Costumer
"A wolf in sheep's clothing can be dangerous. A wolf in another wolf's clothing is even worse."

~Similar to the Doppelganger in that they pretend to be another role in order to kill everyone. However, instead of stealing a role, they copy it instead.
~Has a special disguise kit that allows them to 'dress up' as a dead player and pretend to be the role they were.

Also, I had an idea to give Jesters a buy menu after a certain amount of time has passed, giving them access to fake traitor weapons or things to annoy other players with like fake incendiary grenades, pies that obscure screens like the Bloopers in Mario Kart, and a rubber chicken crowbar that pushes a little harder and makes annoying sounds. If you're already been discovered as a Jester, you might as well have some fun, right? With the Killer Clown role, those pies could be useful for them, too!

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Poacher: Sounds nice, net ability sounds annoying, otherwise the traps is something different than tripwires.

Spider: High mobility is insane and I highly doubt that item will be used outside of hidden. (See Vampire)

Elemental: Map exploits, immunities are removed for a reason.

Butcher: Could work but needs to not spawn with glutton.


Alchemist: Better than the previous suggestion, and should be a detective role.

Shopkeeper: Haxray explains: 





Investigator: If I'm reading this correctly this sounds like a boring way of becoming detective, otherwise its a walking tester with extra steps.


Recruit: New role Beggar will do this, currently being fixed.

Costumer: Honestly sounds better as an item for Serial Killer, doesn't work as a standalone role.


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