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Custom Donator Item Request Thread

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This thread will serve as a request thread for VIP models and masks for GFL TTT 5. To request a mask or model, simply comment on this thread with the a png file (for masks) or a link to the workshop item (for models). The following requirements apply for masks and models:



  1. The PNG must be transparent. If you insist on using a non-transparent image for your mask, then please add a circular border.
  2. The PNG must be comparable in quality to the current masks in the pointshop. In otherwords, it cannot be blurry and must at least "make sense" to have as a mask.
  3. The PNG must be SFW and cannot depict (excessive) violence or anything that may reasonably offend somebody.
  4. In order to request a mask, you must be a current GFL VIP. While your mask will not be removed from the pointshop should your VIP expire unless download size becomes a concern (i.e. we have too many pointshop masks and we need to downsize a bit), do note that due to the way pointshop items work on TTT 4, you will be unable to wear your mask should your VIP expire.




  1. The model must be of reasonable quality.
  2. The model must have a ragdoll.
  3. If the model is significantly smaller than a regular player, it must scale cleanly.
  4. The model must either have working hit boxes or have its hit boxes set up in such a way where the hit boxes may be fixed using this tool. In other words, the body box may not enclose the head's hit box.
  5. The model must have animations of passable quality.
  6. The model must be SFW and cannot be of anything that may reasonably offend somebody.
  7. The model must have an addon size of under 10 MB or be distributed in such a way where it can be separated from its addon / optimized to reduce the size to under 10 MB (for instance, model packs).
  8. The model cannot clip through the floor when ducking.
  9. In order to request a model, you must be a current GFL Supporter or GFL VIP and have contributed at least $200 total to GFL. This must also be verifiable.


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