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Babu's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

Warn "rdm dmg + false report"

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I feel like this warn should be revoked because I do not believe I RDMed anyone and I do not think I made a false report. The report in question: 




I have recordings of the two deathscenes surrounding my report:




In this first death scene, you can see that Spread your Cheeks kills cuttmybutt after cutt ided bodies. Spread then kills Dr. Dig and the deathscene ends. Following Dr. Dig's death, I ided the body and asked in chat if jester was broken again (Spread was still alive).




In this deathscene, Dr. Dig was revived as an amne and then proceeds to open fire on me. I opened fire and kosed Dr. Dig in chat and Spread joins in on the gunfight and kills me. After I died, I made a report on spread asking why he killed me. Later, the warns were added and I had asked Slayer why I was warned and did not get any response. 

In the damagelogs, it shows that I damaged Dr. Dig first before they damaged me. However, the two deathscenes show that Dr. Dig shot first and I responded. I may have damaged Spread by accident due to my lousy aim. I think that this should be considered as simply crossfire rather than rdm as I did not intentionally damage Spread. I think that this should also not constitute a false report because I believed that spread joined the gunfight (not realizing I shot at them).


Here is a picture of the console to show the warn applied to me:



One thing that I would like to point out is that two unprovoked players began insulting me: Xana and Captain Rose. I don't consider these two lines as harassment, but I do think that it could have gotten out of hand, and Slayer did not warn or tell those two to stop.

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Hey, this will be a quick one.

I checked your logs and you shot him before he killed you, it was like 20sec before that.

That's why it was also called false report.

It looked like you had trolled, because it was just in the logs different from what you claimed.

It said that you shot him, he after that with a small pause you, and after that you tried to get your "revenge", that's why he wrote "you shot me first".

Funny that you're saying "and I had asked Slayer why I was warned and did not get any response. " but even in the console you can see that you only typed in twice "?" and then "??". I didn't even know that it was meant for me.
As you also see, there was questions like "how can i remove the pixels" and much more after that. There was 2 people mass rdming and a lot small reports was going on.
It actually CAN happen that i do something wrong.
It's not easy to filter everything everytime perfect, but i still do think that you got the warn for an understandable reason.
If you tried to contact me after that with a message or in the voice-chat i seriously didn't see / hear anything, i apologize for that then!


Cpt.rose was mass rdming and got banned, and Xana didn't do anything that got my attention.
If you feel like someone is talking in a way to you, that is for you not okay, try to talk with them and if it doesn't work mute them.
If they harass you with like team-killing, or if they're saying things that are way above the line, feel free to dm us Admins.

I hope you're still having fun on our server, and that you can understand my decision!

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Posted  Edited by Babu
26 minutes ago, TheSlayerCompany said:

I checked your logs and you shot him before he killed you, it was like 20sec before that.

That's why it was also called false report.


I did message you with admin chat after the warn and the picture of the console does show that. But, I do understand that staffing can be busy and somethings may go under your radar. 


So, I actually do have the damage logs from this event and recorded it as well. I just forgot to include it in the original post. https://streamable.com/ybwg28


In the damagelogs I go through the entire round up until my death and I have my name highlighted (you will have to pause to view the deathscenes as I went through them too fast). You can see that Spread actually damaged me first @ 0:43 for 11 hp with a shotgun. This is most likely at the time when he killed the jester, Dr. Dig. I was right behind Dr. Dig and it is very plausible that Spread accidentally damaged me when he shot at Dr. Dig. 

The next time that I show up in the damagelogs is when I used my radio to KOS Dr. Dig in chat @ 0:58. This is when the second death scene occurs, and Doctor and I are engaged in a gunfight. I then accidentally damage Spread @ 0:58 when trying to shoot Dr. Dig. This is corroborated with the death scenes. 


Again I do understand that things can get hectic, and that a look at just the damagelogs can suggest that I had rdmed. However, with the deathscenes I still think the warn should be removed.

Edited by Babu

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