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Why TTT Vanilla should become EU/ UK

Vanilla server relocation?  

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  1. 1. Should Vanilla change server locations to EU/ UK?

  2. 2. Would you prefer EU or UK?

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Posted  Edited by Beaker

TTT Vanilla in the past few months has been at a stale state of death. With many regulars flocking to other servers within. Knowing that this would be a shot in the dark I would like to argue that, Vanilla should become Vanilla EU or UK based. 


Since the start of TTT vanilla we have had a mix of American and European players. From what I could recall, there were alot of European admins, some from Asia, and Oceania. In which some of those admins burnt out , this was mostly due to lesser EU players coming in as time went by. However, by changing the location this could help bring back those admins or players. So hopefully new players would be playing during EU/ Uk timezones.


While it may be true, that the Anarchy EU TTT server is more reasonable and marketable. I personally do not feel that we should leave Vanilla behind. At the moment accounting for all TTT servers. Vanilla is one of those servers that may have similarities to Rotation and no distinct gimmicks that would make it more attractive to players. I also could not think of a new gimmick for vanilla TTT as most of our servers already have covered them. Such as minecraft, custom roles, rotation/etc. I may also find that the Vanilla gimmick is very limiting currently. So it would be harder to change up stuff within the gimmick. So a possible solution is to switch it to EU/ UK . Paired with EU Anarchy, Vanilla EU could also target EU players who may want to take a break from the crazyness of the roles or may prefer "simpler" gameplay. While also enjoying the benefits of much much lower ping rather than American servers.


A while ago I also posted a discord suggestion regarding this. The results were a 10:3 Like/Dislike ratio. (More accurately, 8:2 if we take out my vote and gfl voting bot's "vote").

While this of course may not be the best representation of the Vanilla player base. It is still worthwile to consider this. Perhaps in the future I could compile TTT EU vanilla interest more effectively. Which is why I included a poll to adress this slightly.

( I do apologize for the shitty poll...) 






FInally, as said before this could be a very risky decision. But I would say, that this risk is definitely worth a shot. Especially knowing that in the past EU servers have flopped. Rather than slowly waiting for Vanilla to die, a moment of action would be better. We have a strong coder SM, and already a EU SM. We have interested people and former people wanting to play on a EU or UK server for timezones or ping reasons. People may usually spout bullshit such as "This time would be different". That may be true. However I strongly  plead to please consider this bullshit. 


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Staffing issues are probably the main concern.

what the fuck are you looking at? I don't do GFL anymore besides the discord

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