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Reiko_'s Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: In-Game-Name Unkown, Webiste says Offline Player | Steam name is Tea

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:215601623

Reason: Doxxing with alt accounts & use of illegal Discord addon

Admin: Shuria

Why this should be revoked:

Hi, its me again, The guy that got perma'd. At this point im really sorry if im just annoying you guys as admins but here it is again. Im not going to try to argue with the ban at all, theres just a few things I'd like to touch up on before I start, I now understand that under no circumstance I should have done that,  at the time I was not using any "Illegal" DIscord Addon, and I've researched it a bit since I last appealed, I do not think its possible to enter and see channels you don't have access to with or without an addon. But! Either way, I shouldn't have made an alt account to do that. Anyways, onto the appeal I guess. My main reason for appealing is just mainly because of the community, I know theres so much more to the server and such but honestly, I've been digging into GMOD to find another server that has been as fun as this one was, quite honestly I think its been a year since I was banned, I think I've matured and I wanna enjoy a server that isn't bad like other servers, some are toxic but amazing content but some suck but good community and yall are just an all around best server (No offence to the other servers XD). Again, I know it wasn't right at all to do. Thanks for reading my Appeal again. (Im really really Sorry if at this point im annoying you guys as moderation and such)


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Hi, as this ban was made a very long time ago and the evidence wasn't too strong - you will be unbanned from the server. Keep in mind you will still need to appeal for the discord if you're also banned there.





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