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Kriss's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: Kriss, Patricce

My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155919220

Reason: Mass RDM, racism, minging? Dont exactly remember

Admin: Not sure

Why this should be revoked:

First off, I haven't played Gmod in months, Have never taken part of a serious roleplay group, and this was my reintroduction into Gmod, as well as my first time playing a "serious" game.

Im not really gonna put much effort into this, as it was, in my opinion, a total bull shit ban with staff I assume just wanting logs or something ridiculous, but its completely childish. 


I was chilling in spawn room waiting for patricce to connect, so we could train together. during that, the ship was despawned and when he got in, we were just free to roam, and kinda had no direction. we got killed a few times from some ship, so we walked off, and met some other clone recruits. there was people with toolguns giving recruits guns i believe, dunno the name, but i got one, and another recruit got one. the other recruit was named something with a W in it, willy something.but i dont remember the rest. he was shooting people but not killin them, nobody cared, no clones, no staff gave a shit. i shot and killed him 1 single time, everyone that wasnt silent found it funny. no staff or clones cared. after that, we went to someones ship, willy hopped in the cockpit a few times while me and patricce tried hopping in the back, but i kept hopping out because willy and the pilot were fighting for the pilot seat. after a few seconds, the pilot and i believe someone named Captain something, whos voice wasnt in proximity, said we could hop in the back of the ship and ride along. patrice and willy did, i stayed behind. we then got staff sat, said we were all being banned for racism, mass rdm, and minging or some shit. i asked probably 10 or 20 times if they can explain it, and the staff stayed muted the entire sit, just staring at us. the 1 time i remember anyone unmuting, was a staff saying something like "i know its frustrating but" forgot the rest. they refused to explain our bans, i can only assume grouped me and patricce in with being friends with willy and joe mama? its a bull shit ban, the entire sit staff stared at me not responding to my questions, and id absoloutley love to discuss the ban if this isnt enough or to even hop in a call. 


this is also an appeal on behalf of patricce, as im sure he will tell you nearly the exact same thing. ( also if i was a minge i wouldnt download both content packs, spend 30 minutes loading in, and make a forrum account. lol.)

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Posted  Edited by Aban

Hello i am the person that banned you but not patricce 

I was trying to get what happened from the other admins and they said that the recruits were failrp/nitrp and one of them said a racist remark not sure who but i know it wasn't you. I was told that you were hoping in arcs and taking off when there were 212th and i know you were told you were able to fly. When the person with a tool gun gave one of you a gun they attempted to murder people. I was not there when this all happened 

You see super chill and i was trying to get information and the person that gave you the weapons was the event host Cole. 

You may have been brought with the other two 
I believe you may have been dragged in with the other two and savage and i may have banned you with out good reason 

I am extremely sorry about this 

For patricce
the admin that banned you may have miss heard and was also confused about what happend and was trying to help 

we may have had both you combined with the other two that were actually doing stuff but i am still extremely sorry about this.

Note: you said you were groomed by a admin and i was the admin in there and did nothing why


Edited by Aban




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