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Patriccexd's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: Patriccexd

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:101343630

Reason: FailRP Racist

Admin: Savage

Why this should be revoked:

On the night I was banned I was not racist nor heard any racist remark, I myself am not a racist person and do not believe in such things. The Failrp I also do not understand, I asked the staff who jailed me multiple occasions on what failrp I committed so I could know and learn from the mistake as it was my first time on the server. The only situation I can think of failrp was when I got into a ship after the driver said i could get in as well as the person running the event said he would make a exception unless I heard him wrong and was not directed towards up. I have had yet to see any rules as I joined in the middle of chaos with no direction. I believe I was accused of this as i was near another recruit who I believe went by Willy something who was RDMing and failrp on multiple accounts, I do hope this can be fixed soon and if needed i will happily hope into a call to discuss the situation more if needed. I also do not appreciate how I asked the multiple staff who were there what failrp i did and what i did but none could give an answer and just stared blankly at me like i was stupid.

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Good Evening Patricce,

Regarding your ban the night of 9/28/21 you were banned for FailRP/NITRP/Racism. You state that you joined in the middle of the chaos however you joined at the very beginning as we had a staff member monitoring "Willy" and told us that there was 4 new recruits running around the map when the initial spawn point was destroyed on accident.

Moving on, your first charge FailRP. This charge was brought up due to you trying to get into vehicles that you were not meant to use multiple times. As the driver did tell you that you could get in, this caused confusion. However, ultimately it is technically not up to the driver, and they are also in the wrong. As clone recruits are not meant to be running around on active duty during events. When it comes to flying, only the 212th were given permission to be flying during that mission. therefore by having multiple 212th members online, and you jumping in their vehicle, you are disrupting 212th duties aswell as passively FailRP'ing on the Clone Recruit Job.

Your next charge was NITRP (No Intent to Role Play). You are charged with this due to the FailRP mentioned previously. But also because you failed to listen to the Fleet/ GM's orders. The GM had stated multiple times to please stay at the spawn area, as the initial spawning ship was accidently deleted and they needed time to correct their mistake. So, they teleported everyone to a point in the map, and told everyone explicitly, to not leave. You as well as 3 other clone recruits, then proceeded to run around the map and disrupt the event setup. And we did not see either you or the 3 other recruits ask for help in chat.

Your final charge is racism. this was enacted as 2 other staff members overheard you say the phrase "what a n* gotta do to get some respect 'round here".

Although I would like to believe in you and accept that you are not that type of person, it seems that given the circumstances of you, Kriss and (i think) Willy were the only ones present at the time, you decided to say a phrase and 2 other staff members caught you.

GFL does not condone any type of racism or slurs in our community.


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