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We Need To Stop This

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Dear GFL Gary's Mod TTT Players


I am writing this report to encourage both the staff and fellow players to campaign to remove a certain player from the player pool, and this player is none other then @Mystaldi.


Myself, as well as others have had complaints and unsatisfying interactions with the above player, and I am choosing to be the one to come forth to hopefully bring an end to him. Whenever this man is a traitor, any innocent who walks within eyesight of him immediately gets headshot into oblivion, whether by rifle, deagle, ak47, you name it, and you're dead. But it's not only when he's a traitor, when he's innocent it isn't much better, make him aware you're a traitor and cross his sightline, and once again, you're dead.


The above I have mentioned, myself and my confidant, who inspired this letter, agree is unhealthy, unfair, and above all else, wrong in many ways, especially to new players fresh into the servers, certainly turning them away from joining our ranks as even a member, and given population can be rough to obtain, this man is nothing but trouble to the cause.


Now, as much as I would be one to warrant that this tyranny be removed by way of permanent ban, I can see how some of the staff of Rotation can  possibly vouge for him, saying that this idea as punishment is "too harsh", then I believe a compromise could be made, by which the staff of, at least Rotation may decide on what must come of it, but if I may beg, something MUST be done about this staggering issue.


I hope this message was both clear and well written enough to be considered, and all agree that this is a menace that must be snuffed out.


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You just gotta get them on Discord, then Discord Mod team has the perfect plan to head shot them and double or triple tap just to be safe.  We've got a pretty good streak with GMOD players especially if they've been around for a while.





Just for the sake of playing it safe I'm obviously joking.  Great thread!



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