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The consitution of two states also known as the #memes channel and #offtopic

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Posted  Edited by Beaker

Ok so like, both channels got breaken up. So I have written the consitution of these states. 


Article 1:
For the memes state, only people may post memes. No convos allowed, mods must also DM the person in order to make stuff equal. (This can be seen in the bill of rights of GFL) (spoiler they do not exist!). Also spamming shitty memes is not cool! Only people who can spam memes are Luna, Me,Moo,and the other person who got muted?
Article 2: 
Offtopic, anything goes really. As long as it fits GFL rules. But memes are generally seen as "offtopic" and dangerous to the offtopic community. The social norms prohibit such barbarism. However, People are free to post memes.

Section A. Beaker gets the ultimate power and can monopolize the offtopic channel with rants/rambling and memes. Beaker's lab member Moo the cow, can also freely post their memes here.

Section B.  Me, im the most important individual there is!


Article 3: No transphobia,racism/etc that is not cool chat.

Article 4: The offtopic state could be named as offtopic jazz but that requires 2/3 vote of mods. Or a 3/4 vote of staff members on gmod.

Article 5: Any sort of politcal commentary is allowed except centrism.


Article 6: Supremacy clause, idk what this means but GFL has the most power and can do the shit they want. Please respect GFL.

Article 7: Powers not delegated to the GFL federalism, is reserved for the states.


Article 8:  The official emote is modcheck.


Article 9: Shit can get ammended to this consitution, but I can do what I want.


Ok just got told my state is illegitimate. I need a moment.

Edited by Beaker

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