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It is time to bring back off-topic-memes

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    Are you kidding me? REALLY GFL?! You do this now of all times?! Here I am sipping some tea (Don't worry, i'm not Br"tish) And I see the channels move randomly. I got PTSD that the person who kept randomly moving channels on the GMOD discord was back. That probably  was because they had a little too much fun playing some questionable games late at night and soiled their mouse and keyboard, (how else do you explain it happening so frequently). Anyway, to my horror, my disbelief, my aguish, I SEE THAT THEY SEPERATED OFF-TOPIC-MEMES TO OFF-TOPIC AND MEMES. You have once again gone to far GFL, and thus have caused me to play my hand.


    I get it, you are all tired of my rants because some of you can't read more than 3 paragraphs which is why you are failing school, but these rants are for the betterment of GFL! Without my rants going against the status quo and thrusting the spear of truth into the GFL owner Roy, who else woul-... Wait what do you mean Roy isn't the owner anymore? What do you mean that I literally did a 30 minute shitpost that went over that fact and even showed his resignation post? I barely remember Roger Gunshot's age, let alone something like that. 80? 90? See I don't know his age!


    Anyway, getting back onto the topic, who do you think you are GFL? I should call you the wall that Trump was trying to make because you are the stupid think that separates two beautiful things. What is wrong with off-topic and memes coexisting in harmony?  Are you mad because I also use ttt-mc-general as offtopic-memes? If so, I apologize and will continue to do so. Is all the political talk and whatever else people talk about in there being drowned out by the memes? If so, that is on them. They should be posting red hot takes like how pineapples doesn't belong on pizza even though everyone knows it does which will cause everyone to argue and drown out the memes.


    I know that the discord is a breeding ground for communist propaganda but I didn't think it was this bad. Do we not live in a society? Where is the vote? Where is the democracy? Where is furry art? Why is GFL doing their best North Korea impression? When I ask you these questions, GFL, I bet your answer will be "Why did he write furry art there", to which I say AHA!. You see that was a clever trap to misdirect you, if you truly cared about the political state of the discord server you would have focused on why there was no vote for such a harsh change. 


    Some of you are reading this thinking "Oh, classic moo with another great shitpost, I wish it didn't involve me reading though". To which I say, cry about it. The rest of you are probably thinking about how I am overreacting. Listen up *insert derogatory term from 1951 here*, we can't allow GFL to do such things like this. I remember when off-topic-jazz-and-stuff was nuked out of orbit by GFL. I cried about it into my Roger Gunshot body pillow while cursing GFL throughout the night. Thankfully due to my shitpost and the [READACTED] members of the community babyraging about it in the thread, it was revoked.  I am an activist for you and everyone in GFL, and so, I wish that you understand what I am preaching.


    Alright, the meat of the puzzle or however the saying goes is this; GFL, do expect me to differentiate between the two new channels? You clearly can't differentiate between red and blue, so how do you expect me and countless others to do so? Before this change we could just go to one channel and post our shitty shitposts involving femboys or whatever other crap is popular these days or simply break into an argument about politics randomly. BUT NOW WE HAVE TO SELECT THE PROPER CHANNEL TO DO THAT INSTEAD OF JUST DEFAULTING TO ONE? You call me and others lazy, but I calling it working smarter, not harder.


    In, sum GFL is poopyheads for doing this inconsequential change and I want their heads at the stake for it. You hear me everyone? Let's burn the witch! Down with GFL, up with Touhou references! Yeah, that's the spirit! Peer pressure! The ball is in your court GFL, change back the off-topic-memes channel to how it was or I will do nothing about it. That's right nothing. This is a shitpost if you couldn't tell and I haven't done one of these in a while. Although the part about GFL being poopyheads is true.


    Secrets of Eternity was released in January 2015. This set introduced the Infernoids, a series of monsters that can Special Summon themselves to the field by banishing other Infernoids from either the hand or graveyard. Notable cards in set include Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Qliphort Monolith, Uni-Zombie, Nephe Shaddoll Fusion, and a card that would bolster Satellarknight to combat the Burning Abyss Shaddoll meta, Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. In this series, both Nyhmnim and myself will be opening 24 booster packs or 1 box of a core Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set. We will build a deck and play a best 2 out of 3, and the winner will receive a small prize to upgrade their deck. HOWEVER! Each episode, we will open another box of the next set that was released moving in chronological order, constantly upgrading our decks before dueling each other at the end of each episode. This is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Progression Series.





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