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Picture Art Request from InsetEmpress561

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Request type:






Source image/render: 



First Battle of Hoover Dam. Fallout: New Vegas - Album on Imgur






Text *(optional):

The Battle of Hoover Dam. (preferably near the top)


Color scheme *(optional):



How to Hire for Culture, not Clones! · Certus Recruitment Australia


Mandalorian Darth Maul | Star wars images, Star wars characters pictures,  Star wars artwork


New B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion For SW Legion


Additional information: 

So basically I want to have clones (the first image) on the left side of the dam (source image) and then some mandalorians (2nd image) on the right side. I would also like some B2 battle droids (3rd image) on the right side near the mandos


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Hey @InsetEmpress561
Glad to do another for you
i hope this is ok and what you were looking for, was a bit hard with the images providedstarwarsInsetDAM.thumb.png.99405768d57a920f37da4465e9fc5a59.png
Here ill post below how i made it the best dam image i could find was very yellow


Discord: Clavers#0001 | Steam: /id/ClaversGaming 

             GFX Team Leader & GFX Designer       


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