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To become a GFL Rotation parole officer


Suggestion details:

when a player get's an appeal from a perma ban accepted, that player would be given a "parole officer". While a player is on parole, they cannot join the server unless accompanied by their officer the entire time they are playing. The parole officers job would be to make sure the released player doesn't make the same mistakes they did before that caused them to get banned, using methods such as screen recording, consistent spectating, etc to keep an eye on the players activity and catch any sketchy moves that may show them stepping out of line, and report it to the admins in charge. If said player on parole joins the server without their officer, without informing the officer or does the same activity that caused them to get banned, they will have broken parole and will risk being perma banned yet again, having shown an attempt at avoiding their watch or just not caring about this chance to learn and restrain themselves from repeating past actions.


It's meant to give perma banned players one last chance to show they won't repeat their same actions, essentially being a limbo between being banned and unbanned (due to the player not being allowed to enter the server without the officer, acting as a "pseudo-ban" perse,) and after X amount of time of being on parole (decided by staff and the officer) can be relieved of parole and be able to join the server freely again.


What could this suggestion help (if implemented):

It is meant to help genuine perma banned players who wish to rejoin the server whole heartedly, without repeating their past sins, as well as lending a hand to the server admins who cannot be there 24/7 to watch released players they find have a chance of being problematic all over again, being a "win-win" to some degree for both party's.


This suggestion is subject to alterations if it is considered to be added as an actual staff role, this is simply an idea of how it could work in a gameplay point of view. Things such as punishments and methods of operations may need to be added or changed if implemented.


Feel free to comment or DM on Discord if their are any questions.



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People can exploit parole officers.


Idea sounds good in paper but in practicality it woud cause more problems. How would we know if the parole officer is neutral? It would also put a heavy burden on the parole officer assuming they would be limited. Ah yes, perma banned offender wants to join, but I have IRL obligations. Welp, time to hop on! Which could lead to burnout depending on the "officer".


Someone could also just pretend to be good under the watch, and never change after it.  You could say "use alts", but I would argue depending on the admin. Certain alts could be easier to spot. (there are much much much more admin alting mistakes I have seen) Can also theoreticalyl rdm once in a while or space out crimes if you are smart enough. Constantly always being on the watch for one person could be very tiring, as I do have admin experience of doing this. Albeit, it was very enjoyable I did catch myself having tunnel vision. When I should have been keeping watch of everyone in a balanced way, rather than one person in particular. You could say that the officer could only have few perms that dont give them staff powers. I would argue that it would be redundant to have that. When it would be easier to just do regular admin things.


Strongest argument for parole officers would that it could theoretically maked "perma banned people" appear to be more self aware, due to being on the watch. But it could negatively impact the perma banned person's mental health due to being always "surveiled". 


Literally 1984!11


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I agree with Beaker on this. On paper, it sounds good, but there’s a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. What’s to say the player wasn’t already given warnings about their behavior before they continued to do so? And what about the admin always having to pay attention to them? Parole essentially is given limited freedom, with check ins here and there when needed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the admin should babysit the player. Plus as Beaker mentioned, there’s the factors of bias and stress on the overseeing admin. 

It’s true that permabans are serious, but there’s likely a reason why they were put there in the first place if it wasn’t for hacking (cause that’s a no brainer). If they get their appeal accepted, they should really take into consideration what the SMs and other higher ups addressed to them prior to getting unbanned, instead of having to be surveilled 24/7. They shouldn’t get banned for getting on when they had no supervision, but rather if they fucked up. It’s better to have multiple admins just do their job, bring up concerns involving the unbanned player when need be, and higher ups and SMs can decide from there.

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I don't think limiting when someone can join is a good way to go about things. It's like planning a friend meet up after college, no two schedules line up the same..... ever. Permban appeals are given a HIGH amount of consideration prior to reversing it. I don't think anything beyond that is necessary. If a player were to fumble again, break a rule, or whatever it is, they would (if I'm not mistaken) just be permbanned again and most likely never be unbanned again. 


Granted, it's a neat idea. Probably would be an idea best spent on like a Serious-RP server, where that title could reflect like a job, and could have actual in game applications if applied correctly. 


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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