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GUIDE: How to get the full GFL Cinema Event Experience

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Hi! Following a successful Cinema event last weekend, we ran into a few hiccups with people not knowing how to patch their Gmod to be able to watch videos from sites that aren't Youtube (Including Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo (Which is the one we use the most due to their, ahem, lackluster copyright restrictions) etc), so this guide will be there once you load in to the game to help you with it.


To start with: Changing your Gmod to 64 bit.


1) Navigate to Garry's Mod on Steam.




2) Right click on it and go to Properties.




3) Go to Betas, click on the drop down and select "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries". Gmod should then update and your Gmod can now run on 64 bit.




Do not start the game just yet. Now, you need to download the Gmod CEF Codec Fix. It broke when Flash was deleted so this just fixes it back up. IT WON'T GET YOU BANNED.


1) Navigate to https://github.com/solsticegamestudios/GModCEFCodecFix/releases




2) Under the text where it says Assets, you will see GmodCEFCodecFix_Windows.exe, GmodCEFCodecFix_macOS and GmodCEFCodecFix_Linux, please download the one relevant to your system. For most of you, this will be Windows.




3) Run that program and it'll patch the Gmod binaries to be fixed. (Mine says patched as I've done it but it'll say 100% on yours)




Now, whenever you run Gmod from Steam, it'll give you an option to start on 32 bit or 64 bit. Choose 64 bit.


It's important you follow these instructions in order. Please do not do them out of order.


Any questions, please come to me and ask.



Edited by Duck.
Whoops didn't crop image

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