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CSGO Gun skins not loading

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Good day to you, 

I have been facing this problem as of today. Some of my weapon skins in CSGO are not loading-up like usual. I haven't had any problem with them before but it somehow happened today. Particularly SG553 and AK47. I have the skins applied. Verified game files integrity but still when I buy those weapons in game, the game loads those skins as default. I tried manually buying with !SG or !ak but it doesn't change anything. 

Need help. 

Thank you, 


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Posted  Edited by lce

Assuming this is for CS:GO Zombie Escape, the reason some stuff isn't working is the Server Managers are trying to debug what has been causing client crashes since the Riptide update to the game. This includes disabling the weapon skin plugin that sets your skin on a weapon normally not buyable by the team you are on (basically just terrorist-only weapons), player models, and a few other things. As this is only temporary for debugging purposes, they will be reenabled once the debugging ends.


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