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Signature Art Request from BlazingArson

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Posted  Edited by BlazingArson

Request type:




1200 x 300 pixels


Source image/render: 


I'd like this old logo I made (its crappy I know but I like it) on there if it doesn't throw it off
if you really feel like it you can redraw it, but idrc if you do or dont



Text *(optional):



Color scheme *(optional):

Fire colors (red, orange, yellow unfortunately)




Old signature I made
The color scheme is right but I'd like something much different (and no roles cause I only have community rep and thats only for a month more)



Additional information: 

I would like the psd/whatever file your program uses that supports layers so i can update it in the future if needed easily. Contact me on discord if more info is needed - Sin#9956

Edited by BlazingArson

Community Representative 
Contact me on Discord if needed - Sin#9956 Signature made by the lovely @Clavers

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here you go hope you like it!



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