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CobalshMcGee's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

Muted for Slurs

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I'm legitimately confused why I was muted. Somebody before my message called someone the f-slur, I typed "ok no" after that, then I was muted for 6 hours after that without the mute appearing in chat? I honestly have no clue why it happened, maybe it was meant for the other guy, but he got muted, too. For context, I had been gagged a couple minutes earlier for an RDM-related argument, but the only chat messages I sent since that were a couple binds that weren't offensive and Phee even engaged with positively. Any feedback would be nice.

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gag for

Reason:  drop the topic (rdm argument with fackleford that lasted more than 2 rounds. warned i would gag if it continued past the first round)

was only issued for 15 minutes. as far as I can tell, there is no other mute

Hope that helps

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