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Colin Powell passed away

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Colin Powell ranks pretty high among the people I admire, and you'll find that I've quote him a few times (example).  He's known in American politics- I felt like very popular among both the prominent parties although I will admit a little bit more on the Republican side.  He was the first African American Secretary of State, former National Security Advisor, and chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a 4-star general.  Not sure of others being really aware of him, but figured it's the news category and not too many threads here anyways.


He died from COVID 19.

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Wow. That’s a very valuable and insightful perspective. I really appreciate it.


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While I respect that you admire him, he is still a war criminal and did some very terrible things in his time.


I put him on the list of people who seemed like decent people, but did some terrible things in and with the military (ex: John McCain).


Rest in peace, but also rot in hell.

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