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Post name is a song reference, moving right along.


So, I had been debating on making this post for a good lil while now, almost two weeks or so I believe, but I'll hop straight to the point.


I will be taking a break from GFL servers, both discord and Gary's Mod until further notice. Activity's on the server's, IRL situation's, the ever wonderful topic of current event's and my own mouth has either drained me mentally or come back to bite me, and so I'm stepping back from this portion of that equation, to hopefully calm some amount of the troubles in my mind.


Some questions people may ask:


Q:When will you be back?

A:Idk, could be a week, a month,  maybe two, we'll see.


Q:Will you still talk to anyone?

A:My dm's on Discord and Steam will still be open, if you want to get up with me that's the way to do it.


If there are anymore question's I can't think of them at this moment.


I do appreciate the friends and associates who have stuck by me up to this point, who have supported me in GFL whether it be just basic things, admin things or personal matters, without y'all I'd be more questioning of myself and had felt more isolated and lost, I won't make a names list because last thing I want is to forget a name and make someone feel left out or unimportant, but just know if you have been there, this is for you.


I don't know much more to say, so I'll just leave it here.


Till we meet again-






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Posted  Edited by flying4ssassin

It was nice to talk to you in our few interactions. I hope this break helps you figure yourself out and you feel better whenever you eventually return.

Sadge by MAKKUSU - FrankerFaceZ

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