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Crash Bisexual Warrior

Signature Art Request from rainbow2 Crash

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Request type:






Source image/render: 

Neon Wallpaper HD, GIF on Windows PC Download Free - 3.2.14 -  com.planetravel.android.neonwallpaper Something along the lines of this, More of an abstract look, neon lights.


Text *(optional):


Bisexual Warrior ( Idk if it's possible, but if any effects can be used on this line of text specifically i.e. Rainbow Pulse Text with maybe a shake to it would be awesome!)
Anarchy Operator (Make this smaller text than "Bisexual Warrior")

( The Text in the order it is written please )


Color scheme *(optional):

A neon-bright blue, purple, and pink.



house of streetwear (@housestreetwear) | Twitter This is what I had in mind for the font
✪ Circled White Star U+272AThis is what I had in mind for my icon in the image

Sorry this is sort of like a fresh project, this will be my first Signature Art and I am very excited to be working with a talented team!


Additional information: 

Please add this symbol ✪ in the top left. Being something people can Identify me with.

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Hey Crash! i hope i was able to do you some justice with this design!
Now go! ride the neon waves bisexual warrior! 
also i had fun with this so i threw in some dope pfp  for you to use /keep.. i have DMd you the pngs for you do edit or use or give away.. its your property now so enjoy

Discord: Clavers#0001 | Steam: /id/ClaversGaming 

             GFX Team Leader & GFX Designer       


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