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Bug while jumping to higher platforms

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On a ton of maps I've noticed that if you bhop to a platform that is higher than the one you're jumping from, you will barely jump at all. This is avoidable by crouching when you jump to a higher platform, but this situation can occur very frequently on a lot of maps and it's very annoying to hold crouch the whole time.


This seems to be a new thing, I've played GFL bhop servers for a long time and this has never happened to me in the past.

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Sorry about that. I've done a bit of investigating and have found a possible plugin that was causing this, and have since applied a fix on Bhop #1. This fix will be active on Bhop #2 after a restart, which should happen approximately 8 hours from this post!


I can't seem to make the bug happen again after my fix, but do let me know on Discord or here if it happens again.

Thanks for the report!

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