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Reminder: Why me and not them??

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Just wanted to put a little friendly reminder out there because I'm seeing a lot more comments along the lines of "I've seen worse.  How come you punished me and not them??"


I understand where you're coming from and sometimes these things can be unfair, but the moderation team isn't going to catch or notice everything.  We try our best to be fair and want to enforce the rules the same on everyone, but considering human practicalities... it's very difficult to catch and notice everything, and especially if the teams for that Discord are smaller or if people are in different time zones.  There are going to be a lot of (unintended) slip ups and I apologize for that, but I want to remind you that it's not your free ticket to (purposely) break the rule or to test the waters.



Note if you do point out a slip up that was from a long while ago it will most likely result in a delete instead of a warn although this totally depends on context and severity.  It's not an endorsement of what they've done, but I'm not a big fan of warning someone for something they did ie. 3 weeks ago.  We can realign on this topic in the future, but that's what we've been doing right now.


If you do see something wrong with another person, then I encourage you to get a Discord Mod's attention (might be a good idea for us to look into something more discreet-- I'm open to that).  If moderators are letting individuals break the rules and get away it, then that is considered abuse and you're also encouraged to report that.  What I'm meaning to discourage is if you see something wrong, hold it to yourself, and then use it as your ticket to get away with it too... that's not right, and it wont help your case.


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