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TTT2: The In and Outs of DNA(How it works, how to get it, etc).

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Warning: This is a long thread serving as an indepth explanation as to how DNA works, and covers basically every topic I know of, as well as any useful Quirks or Information it can provide.


DNA is a incredibly valuable source of Information for Innocents(Albeit evils can use it as well when trying to track other Evils). It can easily reveal who is an evil role if used correctly/properly by the Innocent team. But how does DNA work?


First, lets explain how DNA gets on a body. Whenever someone kills someone else, DNA is put on the body for a specific timer. This timer can be as long as 2 minutes(if killed up close with a Knife) to as short as less than a second(distant headshot with sniper rifle). The shorter the distance between the killer and their victim, the longer duration the DNA has. This information can be used even without a DNA scanner. If someone claimed they just 'stumbled' onto a body but the body has near max DNA time then they are obviously lying and are almost 100% of the time the killer or an assistant to the killer. 

There is other sources of DNA however. All other sources of DNA, unlike DNA that can be found on bodies, lasts an infinite amount of time. The following is a list of sources:


-Dropped Weapons or Items (Using the DNA scanner on one of these reveals the DNA of the Last person to hold it. Useful if a dropped awp or similar T weapon is found somewhere, or if you find an obvious murder weapon. Also yes this does mean if you find a random T weapon on the ground as Innocent you are technically Griefing by picking it up and not calling a Detective over).


-Disarmed C4 (Will Show the DNA of the person who planted it. Only works if the C4 isn't picked up afterwards as else it'll count as a Dropped Weapon).


-Decoys, Radios, Bomb Stations, Placed Slams(Shows DNA of person who placed it). 


- Health Stations (Will collect the DNA of the last 4 people who used it. Useful for keeping Track, but one of the least useful DNA types overall).


If DNA is found that matches a sample already in the DNA, the scanner will show "Match Found" and will not store an extra copy. The same thing will happen if you try to scan your own DNA. Additionally, if the DNA of the person has left without leaving a body, the DNA will not point anywhere despite still being stored by the DNA scanner. 

Additionally, DNA still tracks a person even if they die and revive, which can be useful for keeping track if a Haunted is still dead or the current location of a Restless. 

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