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Copium Queen

2021 GFL Hierarchy Colors Art Contest

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Posted  Edited by flying4ssassin - Edit Reason: Clarified Grey Scale

Art Submissions Go Here!


Post your art submissions here!


This contest will run from the time this is posted, until Friday, December 10th at Midnight EST.



There will be two winners. One winner will be chosen by our selected panel of judges, and one chosen by the public! 

Whichever submission has the most likes will be one of our winners. Please like as many submissions as you want to.


Submissions that include colors other than those provided here and grey scale will be disqualified. 


One submission per person please.


You must be a member to submit your art.


Other than your colors, there are no limitations to your artwork, other than that it follows our forum rules and is respectful. Any genre and style is acceptable.


Your panel of judges will include @Salad, @M3M3drag0n, and @flying4ssassin.


Each chosen winner will receive a $50 USD cash prize!!!


Have fun with this, and good luck to all of our participants!




Edited by flying4ssassin
Clarified Grey Scale


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image.png.1984f5d3bd77c913984836abe3d0969f.png  pixel art, why not 🙂


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Posted  Edited by AlanDog

Gfl in paris = mid 



Drawing.sketchpad (1).png

Edited by AlanDog

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