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It's a little bit early, but wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 


Many of you might not be American, but may notice a few players having more spare time than usual.  We get a few days off (of school and sometimes work) and avoid the scale for a couple of more days... or weeks... or years...


Normally:  I would visit family and scavenge for the best food, but last year COVID of course didn't put us in a good position and we just stayed home to be safe.  I personally liked it and enjoy doing nothing, but felt a bit bad for skipping out on traditions.  The fridge is stuffed this year and ready to go; it'll also be the first for our daughter.  She's just learning to eat, and so it'll probably just be for fun- to giggle at our cooking and hard work followed by throwing it on the floor and asking for more, and then crying if we don't oblige her.


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Got a bunch of the stuff from the whole foods thanksgiving menu or whatever they're calling it and now it's just a matter of not eating it at 12 am tonight so I can eat it tomorrow


Things I've made/help make and done:

Before the Fallout/Into the Fallout

Rather excellent noteblock music, if I do say so myself

Engineer for Patio (and Far Out)

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